Players Club Pool Hall on Sukhumvit Road

The Players Pool Club is a pool hall located between Sukhumvit Soi 12 and Soi 14. It’s a quick walk down from the Asoke BTS station. The pool hall isn’t exactly out front on Sukhumvit, but you will see the sign pointing to a very short alley way which opens up into the parking lot in the back.

If your game is pool and you’re looking for a place to drink and not wait on a table, this may be a place to check out.  It mostly caters to foreigner locals, and has slightly cheaper prices that most of the places which are in the middle of the popular tourist areas.  It is a managed pool hall, so all you have to do is shoot and drink.  There are plenty of hostess girls who take care of the table, and make sure that you can never see the bottom of your glass.

The Players Club also offers free wireless internet (wifi) to its customers, and its not uncommon to see a laptop opened up during a game.  This isn’t really a place where you would want to go to actually get work done, but makes for a great place if you want to shoot pool while waiting for an email to come through, or if you just need to be available online.  If you find yourself around the Asoke BTS station in Bangkok and feel like a game of pool while keeping an internet presence this is place is worth a look.  Plenty of tables, girls, drinks and a VIP area if that favors your interest.

Players Club Pool Hall on Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Road. Between Soi 12 - 14, Bangkok

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