Morning-Night Soi 4 - Bkk

Morning Night bar is located at the very top of Soi 4 almost on Sukhumvit, and as you would expect in this prime position it is one of the most popular bars in Bangkok. The four tables are in constant use and there are plenty of willing playing partners (female) around should you fancy a game. Of course this bar is more about 'atmosphere' than serious pool.

I love The Morning Night. It's a friendly staff, welcome girl visitor. Laid back place with good western rock music also some famous Thai. They have a couple of pool tables there. They are even open during the day and have a day shift of girls different from the night shift. The rail over looking Soi 4 and the Nana entrance makes for great people watching. The service girl, 430-Ben, 415-Nui and DJ-Thot are so much friendly. Sorry for another friendly staff I cannot remember they are name.

So I will definitely seek out a barstool at Morning Night after work if I am in Thailand and not too tired. Then see you guy.

Morning-Night Bar
Address: 3-1/1 Sukumvit soi 4, Bangkok
Tel: (+66) 02-656-9255

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Anonymous said...

The Morning Night Bar is in my mind the best bar in Thailand and maybe even the world.
Happy times and maybe I'll be back there sometime soon.
Tin Tin.

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